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Cannabis and the Law Quiz

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Cannabis is illegal in the UK. Tick all the things below that could lead to someone being convicted of an offence.

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The maximum penalty you can get for drug possession, supply or production depends on what ‘class’ the drug is classified as: A, B or C. A is the most serious and C has the lowest penalties. What ‘class’ is cannabis?

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Can you be charged with possessing cannabis even if what you are carrying isn’t yours?

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The penalty for cannabis offences will depend on: tick all the answers that apply.

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Which list of names below are used for cannabis. Tick all that apply.

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The cultivation of cannabis plants is against the law. What law makes it illegal?

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What is the maximum sentence for possession of cannabis for young people under 18 years old?

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What is the minimum sentence for a young person who takes a leading role in the cultivation of cannabis for commercial production (very large amount of production)?

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You are more likely to get a longer sentence for cannabis related offences if you have previous convictions for similar offences. True or False?

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You are more likely to get a longer sentence if you commit a cannabis related offence while you on are bail or a community order. True or False?

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You are more likely to get a longer sentence if you commit a cannabis related offence in school. True or False?

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What percentage of 17 year olds who have tried cannabis had also been encouraged to sell cannabis?

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If the police find you with cannabis in your possession will they let you keep it?

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Driving under the influence of cannabis has the same penalties as driving under the influence of alcohol. This could mean a 12month driving ban, fine of up to £3,000 or 4 months in prison. True or False?

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The police have the power to ‘stop and search’ people on the street. What is the most common reason for this to happen?

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Tick all the factors that the police might consider before they charge someone with intent to supply cannabis.

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Cannabis is illegal in the UK, but which countries below have some areas where cannabis is legal to buy in shops? Tick all that apply.

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If you go on holiday to a country where cannabis is legal, can you bring it back to England legally?

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Someone might think a young person is being criminally exploited by an adult if they are given cannabis in return for transporting drugs in a taxi or on a train far away. True or false?

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O.T. is a term used by gangs that sell drugs, often in county lines dealing. But what does it mean?

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