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Assault Offences Quiz

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You can be convicted of assault if you make a person think they are about to be attacked?

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You can’t be convicted of common assault if you haven’t physically hurt someone?

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Tick all the actions that could mean you are convicted of common assault.

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If violence is used in a common assault then this is called ‘assault by beating’.

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Young people who commit common assault could be given a 4 month Detention and Training Order (custodial sentence).

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Young people who commit a assault with intent to resist arrest could be given a Detention and Training Order (custodial sentence) of up to 16 months.

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‘Actual Bodily Harm’ (ABH) is a more serious criminal offence because it means someone has been physically harmed by another person.

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A charge of ‘Actual Bodily Harm’ (ABH) could be so serious that the case is heard in a Crown Court and has a maximum sentence of 5 years for an adult and 3 years and 3 months for under 18s.

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You can’t be convicted of ‘Grievous Bodily Harm’ (GBH) if you caused really serious physically harm recklessly and you didn’t mean to.

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If you caused really serious harm to another person and intended to do it, then you could be charged with causing/wounding GBH with intent to do GBH. What is the maximum sentence you could get for this?

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You can’t be convicted of any physical assault if you are related to the victim.

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What is self-defence?

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Racially aggravated assault means that the person committing the offence showed hostility towards a racial group based on (tick all that apply).

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There is no such thing as Religiously Aggravated Assault

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If you used alcohol or drugs before you assaulted someone, you’ll get a more lenient sentence.

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If you witness an assault, what should you do?

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If you physically hurt someone at school, it isn’t a proper crime, so you can’t be arrested.

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If you know someone is planning on assaulting someone, what could you do to try to stop it? Trick all that apply.

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Victims of assault can sometimes feel stressed, anxious or depressed for years after they have been harmed. How can they get help to feel better? Tick all that apply.

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If you cause physical harm to someone, it could also affect (tick all that apply)

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